RUNNING THE SUMMER ROADS - Man, I am having such a great time out on the road this many wonderful folks are coming out to the summer festival shows. I hope to see you out there too! I am all around the East Coast over the next couple of months, then on the road to Ontario this fall and beyond. So keep an eye on the calendar for when I might be in your neck of the woods. And work on my new album continues, with a release date soon to be announced. Lots going on...sure hope you're having a great summer!


NEW ALBUM UPDATE - Wow, once you put your head into the studio to work on a new album, time can sure fly! But I am very excited about my new album GO ALL IN, coming along soon. I am thrilled about sharing new songs with you all and so proud of the friends with whom I have written the songs and played the tracks.Stay tuned! 



DOWNLOAD NEW CHRISTMAS SINGLE & HELP SOUTHERN NB FOODBANKS - i have just released a brand new Christmas song, "I Miss Your Mistletoes".  It's a fun, old-timey holiday jangle about lovers kept apart at Christmastime. It's available for download now on the Mike Biggar page on the Busted Flat Records Bandcamp website AND as a way to help foodbanks in my neck of thewoods all the proceeds from the single will be donated to the "Harbour Lights" intiative to help raise money for foodbanks in Southern New Brunswick. It's pay-what-you-want, with a suggested minimum donation of $2.00. Hope you like the song and will consider adding it to your Christmas playlist while helping Harbour Lights!  Click the link to viist the Bandcamp page:  CLICK HERE



STUDIO DAYS & HOLIDAY SHOWS  - Well HO HO HO-ly smokes we`re getting close to that time of year again already...soon the Christmas season will be well upon us and I am delighted to have some cool shows coming up to celebrate. I am proud to be the featured musical guest at the Live Bait Theatre in Sackville NB for their string of Christmas shows running from Dec. 2-5 and Dec. 9-12. Also I will be the holiday musical guest for the 3-night Hub City Christmas events running on Dec. 20-22 at the Moncton Wesleyan Celebration Centre. Fun!  In the meantime, studio action continues as we work on the new album...stay tuned for a peek over the holidays! :-)


NEW SEASON, NEW ALBUM  - After a great summer on the road we entered the studio earlier this month to begin work on my new album, scheduled to be out for April 2016. I'm really excited to flesh out a whole new collection of songs and can't wait to share them with you. In the meantime, we are also getting some great pics and video of the process that I will be sharing with you on my YouTube channel...and some other bonuses coming along...stay tuned!